Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 x 7's

The 5 x 7 is a nice small size that still packs a lot punch!  With this size you will generally get two full body portraits of your desired character, along with all of the fun little extras.

As you can see with the Camden portrait below, with just those two portraits we can get a clear picture of the vivid imagination Camden has, what games he likes to play, and even the fun personality he exhibits.  Some of the little extra's include his favorite foods, how much he likes to color, and even all the words he is saying at the age of two.  My goal is to include all of these fun items without overwhelming the viewer and yet have there be enough that it is fun to come back and enjoy over and over!  You can even customize your portrait further by selecting a color palette and design elements you want to see incorporated!

The first sample I made was of my daughter Kylie when she turned five.  It was meant to be a snippet of who she was at that moment and what she enjoyed.  So there is a definite celebratory 'birthday!' theme in this portrait.  But when Kylie saw it she absolutely loved it because she could totally see it was a picture of her doing what she loved - riding her scooter on the way to go swimming.

There is really no set way I created these portraits - all are individually created from different people, different styles, and different interests!  That is one of the most awesome things about getting your own, original hand drawn piece of art!

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