Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Wedding Story

The Wedding Story is a lot of fun to do.  First off, both the bride and the groom fill out the questionnaire and they don't share their answers!  Then I get to comb through all their answers and piece them together to make an infographic that depicts the wedding, and each person as an individual.  The best part is when the bride and groom open the drawing up together, they get to learn new things about their spouse they may not have known before!  It's really super fun to see!

The wedding infographic covers everything from favorite movies and food to words of advice and what to do if the other person is mad.  The best part is that you can completely customize it to fit you!  The characters are all designed off of reference pictures that you send me so when someone glances at the portrait they will without a doubt know who it is supposed to be of!

Head to our Facebook page to see the video of Amber and Riley opening up their Wedding Story portrait and then email us at to get your Wedding Story started today!

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