Monday, December 12, 2016

Angela and Ross

While the larger 12x12 wedding package is awesome and perfect for that big day, sometimes you may want something slightly smaller for an anniversary or little momento.  My latest commission was just that!  They chose to do a 5x7 wedding portrait.  They specifically wanted to show off the brides beautiful dress that was handmade just for her.

As always, they portraits are completely customizable!  Ross and Angela (the groom and bride), opted for a larger scene with the location of their wedding in the background.  Very simple, and very effective!

I loved working on this piece!  And it is seriously the best for an anniversary gift plus it is the perfect post card size!  Email me today to get yours started!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weddings are so much fun!

Especially when you give the gift of a Sketch of Life Wedding Story!  Fun for the couple, fun for the family and friends.  But the most fun will be for you - the gift giver.  You will be the hit of the wedding with such a unique and creative gift.  Truly!

Free Shipping on all orders in December!

Save $7 on every order!!  But order early.  These works of art take time! 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Meet Riley!

Riley was done in an 11x14 size.  He just turned one and his mom wanted to celebrate all the fun things Riley has achieved so far!  This one was more themed with a color scheme:  Mickey Mouse and the Mickey Mouse colors of red, yellow, and black.  Since this one had so much black in it, I ended up loving the black and white version and had to take a picture of it!

I really enjoyed doing this portrait of Riley and I love how the red and yellow pops with all the black!  As you can see, with an 11x14 you can get up to ten mini portraits plus tons of additional info on top of that.  Also, if you are interested, I can keep you updated on the progress of your portrait.  Riley's mom loved the progress shots and it was fun to hear her excitement for the final product!

To get your Sketch of Life started email me today at  There is some back and forth emailing as I gather all the details you want included in your Infocomic (is that a word?  I am totally making it up, but it describes what these are perfectly!), so be prepared!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Meet Sophia

Meet Sophia Rae: a cute little blondie with tons of personality and imagination!  From one glance at her Sketch of Life you can see some of her favorite things: her baby brother, horses, Ariel, and playing with her toys.  

Sophia was done on an 11x14 piece of 140 lb paper.  The thick paper adds to the quality of the piece, as well as making it more durable and long lasting.  With the 11x14 you can get anywhere from 8-10 characterizations of the subject, plus plenty of room left over for some of her favorite things! (Colors, food, TV shows, even her height and weight at that age).  

An 11x14 is the largest size we have (though the 12x12 is comparable), and definitely gives enough information to keep the viewer fully immersed!

Monday, October 31, 2016


If you are anything like me, you see cute little things and buy them without having any use for them whatsoever.  Tiny toys? Check.  Tiny notebooks? Check.  Tiny picture frames?  Check.  The problem with those little mini frames is... what to put in them?  I don't know anybody who has the time to sort through all their pictures to find a perfect picture to frame and then go to the trouble of printing it out.  Thus you have to find tiny art to fill the frame - equally frustrating.

So I started to combine those two worlds - tiny portrait plus tiny art!  The mini portrait is a great way to emphasize a single aspect of someone, and also an easy way to get exactly what you want.

These tiny portraits can still pack a lot of punch, though!  Since they are so small I like to do a watercolor wash on the background; it really helps to bring more life to the picture.  And as always, they are completely customizable to what you want.  Specific color scheme? Head shot or full body?  Name? Accessories?  I can help you with it all!  Even the size is customizable on this one... 2x3, 3x3, 2.5x3.5 oval?  I can do it!

Email me today to get some mini portraits started - they are super cute and a great personal gift perfect for the holidays coming up!

Friday, October 28, 2016

A little TV attention!

We were recently featured on a local talk show, Studio Chatter, in Spanish Fork, UT.  It was fun to hear the hosts talk about Sketch of Life.  Enjoy!
Sketch of Life on Youtube.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Wedding Story

The Wedding Story is a lot of fun to do.  First off, both the bride and the groom fill out the questionnaire and they don't share their answers!  Then I get to comb through all their answers and piece them together to make an infographic that depicts the wedding, and each person as an individual.  The best part is when the bride and groom open the drawing up together, they get to learn new things about their spouse they may not have known before!  It's really super fun to see!

The wedding infographic covers everything from favorite movies and food to words of advice and what to do if the other person is mad.  The best part is that you can completely customize it to fit you!  The characters are all designed off of reference pictures that you send me so when someone glances at the portrait they will without a doubt know who it is supposed to be of!

Head to our Facebook page to see the video of Amber and Riley opening up their Wedding Story portrait and then email us at to get your Wedding Story started today!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 x 7's

The 5 x 7 is a nice small size that still packs a lot punch!  With this size you will generally get two full body portraits of your desired character, along with all of the fun little extras.

As you can see with the Camden portrait below, with just those two portraits we can get a clear picture of the vivid imagination Camden has, what games he likes to play, and even the fun personality he exhibits.  Some of the little extra's include his favorite foods, how much he likes to color, and even all the words he is saying at the age of two.  My goal is to include all of these fun items without overwhelming the viewer and yet have there be enough that it is fun to come back and enjoy over and over!  You can even customize your portrait further by selecting a color palette and design elements you want to see incorporated!

The first sample I made was of my daughter Kylie when she turned five.  It was meant to be a snippet of who she was at that moment and what she enjoyed.  So there is a definite celebratory 'birthday!' theme in this portrait.  But when Kylie saw it she absolutely loved it because she could totally see it was a picture of her doing what she loved - riding her scooter on the way to go swimming.

There is really no set way I created these portraits - all are individually created from different people, different styles, and different interests!  That is one of the most awesome things about getting your own, original hand drawn piece of art!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The One That Started It All!

I have two little kids.  And they are craaa-zay!  So last year when my mother-in-law offered to take them for a week I jumped at the idea!  Though, my kids were a handful. I decided to make her a cute little guidebook to help her navigate the likes and dislikes and schedules of the children so she wouldn't be completely lost.

Well, this year when my mother-in-law offered to take them for a week again, and since she basically knew the drill, I thought all she might need was a little list of how they are acting at the moment.  Then, because I was bored and I like to draw silly things, I decided to draw the list of likes/dislikes of the kids!

Thus the kid's infographic was born!  My mother-in-law was thrilled when she saw the pictures and showed them to everyone, much to my embarrassment.  They were really fun to make, and honestly with that little paper of information you pretty much got a snapshot of how they were at that moment in their lives.

After such positive feedback (and a little nudging) I decided to open myself up for commissions for these types of portraits.  I mean, who wouldn't want to see a cute little comic-like rendition of their child?  And seriously, the possibilities are endless.... these types of portraits are not just limited to children!  Several ideas got thrown to me from several people - weddings! graduations! pets! anniversaries! And thus your little slice of life portraits came to be: Sketch of Life!