Friday, November 4, 2016

Meet Riley!

Riley was done in an 11x14 size.  He just turned one and his mom wanted to celebrate all the fun things Riley has achieved so far!  This one was more themed with a color scheme:  Mickey Mouse and the Mickey Mouse colors of red, yellow, and black.  Since this one had so much black in it, I ended up loving the black and white version and had to take a picture of it!

I really enjoyed doing this portrait of Riley and I love how the red and yellow pops with all the black!  As you can see, with an 11x14 you can get up to ten mini portraits plus tons of additional info on top of that.  Also, if you are interested, I can keep you updated on the progress of your portrait.  Riley's mom loved the progress shots and it was fun to hear her excitement for the final product!

To get your Sketch of Life started email me today at  There is some back and forth emailing as I gather all the details you want included in your Infocomic (is that a word?  I am totally making it up, but it describes what these are perfectly!), so be prepared!

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