Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Meet Sophia

Meet Sophia Rae: a cute little blondie with tons of personality and imagination!  From one glance at her Sketch of Life you can see some of her favorite things: her baby brother, horses, Ariel, and playing with her toys.  

Sophia was done on an 11x14 piece of 140 lb paper.  The thick paper adds to the quality of the piece, as well as making it more durable and long lasting.  With the 11x14 you can get anywhere from 8-10 characterizations of the subject, plus plenty of room left over for some of her favorite things! (Colors, food, TV shows, even her height and weight at that age).  

An 11x14 is the largest size we have (though the 12x12 is comparable), and definitely gives enough information to keep the viewer fully immersed!

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